Special thanks must be given for the truly wonderful flowers, you arranged for our wedding - they were beautiful.

Love Nicholas & Rachel x

Thankyou for the beautiful flowers you did for out wedding - they were absolutely perfect!

With out love, Sarah & Dave x x

June 2012
Thankyou for the amazing flowers you arranged for our wedding. The bouquets, church and marquee just wonderful.

Love from Chris & Liz xx

July 2012
Thankyou so much for the fantastic flowers you arranged for our wedding in June. The bouquets, church and marquee, just out of this world - your eye for colour and detail, amazing. John loved my bouquet.

Love John & Sarah x x

Paul and I just wanted to say thankyou for the most beautiful flowers we could have possibly wished for on our wedding day. Flowers were always incredibly important to us. The arrangements and bouquets you made for us were absolutely stunning. Your service and attention to detail was fantastic, you seemed to know exactly what I was asking for. We had the most wonderful day, but the flowers stand out in my mind as the most memorable thing.

Love Charlotte & Paul

Thankyou very much for all the flowers you arranged for our weddingday, ther were all so beautiful.

Love from Emma & Derek xx

August 2014
It's very easy when writing testimonials to use the same old phrases such as fantastic, wonderful and beautiful. I want to try and actually convey what Barbara did for us, and how her flowers were the perfect finishing touch to our wedding.

With my wife having spent hours, days and weeks looking through magazines and websites, getting ideas and pictures, we went to see Barbara. A jumbled mess of photos were handed over. Demands (or polite requests depending on which view you take!) such as "that one from there, with those in there, but like that there" were made. I honestly didn't quite get what my wife wanted to achieve, but like every good groom I was supporting her every idea.

2 things made me realise that we had chosen the perfect florist:

1. My reaction when I saw the room for the first time. Like any wannabe macho guy I was not bothered about the flowers in the run up to the wedding. Flowers are, after all, very girly. But I was amazed. It was simply stunning. The colours, arrangements and sheer magnificence of it all actually brought a tear to my eye. I was astounded by how amazing they looked, when I honestly thought I was going to think "Yes, lovely flowers, now where's the cake?"

2. My bride's reaction. Her face said it all. It was her perfect moment, to be the princess surrounded by all this beauty like she had always dreamed of. I finally got why she had spent so long planning, choosing things and having ideas. I will be forever grateful to Barbara for turning my wife's dreams into reality.

Thank you.

Love Richard & Laura x